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A Deejay A Day: Dj Dragnet

We Interviewed our friend Gene all the way from The Netherlands! Get some tea or coffee and enjoy this interview!

Hello Gene, how have you been? A lot has changed since the pandemic hit us. What has/was it like for you during the Pandemic?

I’m doing good. It was so unreal how much impact it has had on the world and still is. Sometimes I found it difficult to follow my regular routine in life and work during the pandemic. At that time I started dj livestreams. It helped me a lot to keep busy and distracted from the always-changing world. I think music is one of the best medicines for this sort of situation. The thing is that we don’t have always to know everything. Life is unexpected. We can only do our best.

Tell me how and when you started “In depth music?” What drove you to create such an amazing place for lovers of music? It is very unique and many people truly appreciate it?

That is a good question. I always like to answer this kind of question. I created In Depth Music to help people find all these great forgotten bands that many people may have never heard of. I know there are plenty of people who are always looking for new music. I find it sad that most radio stations and DJ’s usually just play the hits, even in the underground and gothic community. Meanwhile there is literally thousands or even more artists and bands to discover. Personally, I like to listen to full-length releases (albums) instead of hits or compilations.

As a deejay, do you or have you ever felt like you were restricted from playing some of the music that you wanted to?

Never, I always play what I like and will usually play the music that fits well to the theme of the concert and club nights.

Tell us a bit about your website and how you keep that up to date? Do you have any help or is this all done on your own?

In Depth Music website is still in beta. I’m currently working on a new design and interface. I hope with the updated changes it will be much more accesible for people to find underrated, obscure, and forgotten wave, gothic and indie bands from the 80's, 90's, to the present. The website is all done by me, but I am always looking for help. I hope to find the time to finish this soon.

Are you in multiple bands or just play guitar with “The Pool of Tears’? Tell us about all of your musical projects!

Yes, correct. I play in multiple bands. My band is The Medicines. It’s a post-punk/gothic band based in Almere, The Netherlands. Influenced by many obscure post-punk bands from the 80’s. My solo project “The Pool Of Tears music” is best described as an instrumental post-rock act with music elements of shoegaze, blackgaze and coldwave. Or can you just call it one man wall of sound. That is what most Dutch people describe The Pool Of Tears as.

The Medicines

The Pool Of Tears

Why did you choose the name Dragnet? Is it connected to the old Tv Show by any chance or a song?

I chose the name Dragnet, because of the album cover of The Fall’s second album “Dragnet”. I just really like the artwork. It also represents my way of DJ’ing.

What are your thoughts on the way the world has been the last two and a half years? Do you think it has gotten worse or better? Do you feel there are upsides and downsides? Would you like to talk about anything specific in the world? Let us know here.

I noticed a lot of things. I will be short as possible when it comes down to these things. It’s quite a complex situation to talk about.The biggestt differences I see in the world there seems to now be an enhanced up-tick of insecurities and more people are more stressed out and unhappy in their lives, because of the pandemic and the post-pandemic effects. Well from all the world events happening -- I think we learn something good and bad.

Do you have any advice for how to find obscure music on your own? Yes we are asking for some tips, and secrets muahahaha!

Visit your local music stores. Sometimes you will find bands you never heard of. I would also suggest looking for new music on YouTube. The algorithm is really well built to find obscure bands, and of course The marketplace for true music collectors. It’s a great platform if you want to buy records that are rare, obscure, or underrated.

Do you have any fun deejay stories to share? Anything interesting, odd or annoying ever occur when you have deejayed?

I have some fun stories to tell. I like when people come to me and ask which band(s) I’m playing. I always show the artwork of the LP. If someone likes the music. They can photograph the cover of the LP. I remember that several venues were confused that I play records. Most clubs tthinkI’m DJ’ing with a laptop. I never DJ with a laptop. Most music I’m playing is only released on vinyl.

Any other hobbies you have that you would like to share with us?

Besides music, I like reading poetry, psychology, and historic books. I find it fascinating how humans and the world work. In the past, I liked swimming and going to the cinema weekly. I also played video games a long time ago, when I was a child and pre-teen. It helped me to relax. When I became a late teen it was all replaced by music.

Anything words you would like to share with us?

Be proud of who you are and don’t be ashamed of being different. Everyone is different in their own way.

Links to Dj Dragnet stuff!

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