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Band Of The Year: Screaming Dead

Goth Haus LA

2020 Warriors: Welcome

Goth Haus LA Awards Of 2020

We appreciate all the of you!


DIY Upcycle Artist Of The Year

Where do we start?! Liz is a fantastic, loving, caring and amazing artist! Ethical jewelry, handmade, reused, and made with love. Goth Haus LA is all about these type of artist and DIY creators! She puts together the most beautiful jewelry pieces, paintings and her famous broaches starring all your favorite musicians like Rozz Williams, Nina Hagen and more. Our followers voted her in as the “DIY Upcycle Artist Of 2020.” 


Most Promising Artist Of The Year

Serina is a California girl living in Colorado. She got in a fight with art, and art won OBVIOUSLY! She has been creating so much within the short time she discovered her love of making art. Her art is beyond fantastic. You can see a million words in each creation she makes. She was voted as “Most Promising Artists of 2020” by our followers and subscribers! 


DIY & Ethical Warrior Of The Year

Sierra makes an array of things! You can find all you need if you want chainmail, chokers, boot charms and more! The best part is it vegan! No animals get hurt at all! If you see leather it’s vegan! Sierra spends hours making her creations by hand. We at Goth Haus LA of course fell in love with that! Ethical and DIY that’s what we love. But, again Sierra was voted in as “DIY & Ethical Warrior of 2020” by our followers! 

2020 Warriors: Services
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