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Band of the Month: Cliff and Ivy

Keep up to date on all things Cliff and Ivy on our facebook, instagram, and twitter! Link to Cliff and Ivy below. Special Notes: "One of the more original and intriguing projects in the international goth music scene right now" - Gothic Rock Magazine. Cliff and Ivy are a duo based in ALASKA. They sound like if Siouxsie Sioux and Iggy Pop had a baby.
Self represented, they can tour anywhere. Their music is influenced by magic. Their psychedelic style lyrics are derived from synesthesia."

Goth Haus LA October 2020


The Jingle Dress Project

New shirts available supporting the Jingle Dress Project

The Jingle Dress Project is a set of two sisters who are spreading awareness of indigenous issues and spreading love and unity through the art of Jingle Dress Dancing! We endorse and support the Jingle Dress Project at Goth Haus LA. They have our full support, please check out more info below, and help cultivate change by supporting them. 

(Photography by: Tapahe) 




Paul Roessler Releases 6/12

This release has a little bit of everything for all your moods! We highly recommend picking this up! For those who dont know who Paul Roessler is, shame on you! No, but seriously aside from being a music producer and owning Kitten Robot Studios - he is a legend! He has played keyboards for The Screamers, Twisted Roots, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender,  Geza X & the Mommymen,  Nina Hagen and The Deadbeats and many more. Today you can see him playing the keyboards with the Gitane Demone Quartetet and Fancy Space People just to name a few! So get your fill on some good music!

She's a Punk Rocker from Planet Punk by Zillah Minx of Rubella Ballet

A documentary about the women of punk. Done by a woman of punk! We are so excited to see what Zillah does! This is something that really has needed to be done, and done right. To quote Zillah "I have put my heart and soul into this project not just because i'm one of the featured women but for what the women in punk have done to inspire me in what I do. This is for Punk, this is for people in the future researching punk to get the full picture a true representation of what it was actually like not what journalists with only a limited knowledge of punk gathered from the male orientated documentaries that manage not to mention even X-Ray Spex they always spell incorrectly and Siouxsie Sioux of the Banshees. I am trying to set the story right." Now go support this very important project!

Release the bats merch

Get your Release the bats merch before they are sold out. Release the bats is a goth club that was trhe longest standing deathrock club in LA with no hiatus since its birth in 1998. Since they stopped their monthly event on their 20th anniversary in 2018 - they continue to have their other nights as well as their annual RTB Annviversary on the 4th friday of October. Now, you can see rtb the 4th friday online - got our online events page for that info!

All Gone Dead Releases New Single "Inadequate"

All Gone Dead has been working on new music lately. We can not wait to hear the rest of what they have in store for us. For now you can liten to their single "Inadequate."

Shrouds Releases new Single "Wretch"

LA/OC Deathrock's Finest!

Sex Gang Children Releases John Peel Session on July 3rd only on bandcamp 

SEX GANG CHILDREN - 'IN SESSION' To be released exclusively on Bandcamp, Friday, July 3rd.Featuring the previously unreleased 1982 John Peel session and the band's first ever demos and live studio session from 1981 recorded at the now legendary Sunday School Studios. 


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