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Band Of The Month: Nervous Gender

Goth Haus LA March 2021

Legendary band Nervous Gender is band of the month and we are very excited. This will also include Nervous Gender Reloaded! Keep up to date with all things Nervous Gender by following them and see what we will have in store for you on our FB, IG and Twitter!


The Jingle Dress Project

New shirts available supporting the Jingle Dress Project

The Jingle Dress Project is a set of two sisters who are spreading awareness of indigenous issues and spreading love and unity through the art of Jingle Dress Dancing! We endorse and support the Jingle Dress Project at Goth Haus LA. They have our full support, please check out more info below, and help cultivate change by supporting them. 

(Photography by: Tapahe) 




Sex Gang Children Release “Death Mask Mussolini” Track 

Sex Gang Children has a brand new album coming out called “Oligarch.” They just released one track from the album! It was good we wrote a review! Get ready to dance! And get excited for the full album to be released later! 

Blood Wisdom Releases New Single "Lycanthropy"

Blood Wisdom is always making some kind of art. Releasing this song on January 28th 2021 was exciting for us at Goth Haus LA. Eaden has always made his live shows ceremonial and most of the album art you see is created by him. We highly suggest giving this a listen and support the band by buying this track ! Also check out all their music it is pretty great. Each song is different and unique. LONG LIVE THE BLOOD WISDOM!

Detoxi Releases LP "In Laughter"

We are so excited about this new release! We hope you all enjoy it as much as we have! We had been anticipating this release and then it came out! It’s good not just for your soul but for the band who spent time making this!  Go buy it and support the band!

Tragic Black Releases new track “Dancing with Death”

On February 5th 2021 Tragic Black released this new song! Check it out and support them by listening and buying the track! Super stoked to see new music from Tragic Blck 


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Goth Haus LA is formlerly known as VFLA Vampirefreaks Los Angeles. We have been around since 2011. We are known for our interviews, articles and most importantly helping bands, deejays, Skaters, surfers, artists, other promoters and other things. We hold the name LA but we support music and artists world


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