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Band Of The Month: Virgin Prunes

Goth Haus LA May 2021

Virgin Prunes hails from Dublin, Ireland starting in 1977. Loved by many even though they disbanded in 1986. Their music is played throughout the world in goth clubs. All former band members where in bands before and after. Their sound special, their stage presence eclectic, engaging, and beautiful. If you've ever heard a song from them your body most likely was captivated by their sound - falling into a trance of dancing without realizing it.



Sex Gang Children Releases NEW ALBUM "Oligarch"

Sex Gang Children released a brand new album on April 23rd, 2021 “Oligarch.”  This entire album is beautiful. It seems to be a complete representation of who Andi and Sex Gang Children always have been- the souls of true punks. Not only does it make you want to dance, not only is it one of Goth Haus LA's new favs, but it is original - the existance of muddy politics, and disgusting oligarchy. Sex Gang Children stays true to who they are, and we love that!


Vortex Empath Xen Releases LP + Bonus Tracks "Between Worlds"

Make sure you get this, it is a must have! It is good for the soul. Talent and creativity always sparks in everything they do.

Release The Bats Shirts!

Currently you can buy a Release the bats shirt for $25 shipping included (In US), and any additional shirts will be $15! Get one and join our Bat fam!

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